Guild Wars 2 introduces a comfy cat chair and more bag slots for all


Guild Wars 2 and its expansions aren’t the only sales going on in ArenaNet’s neck of the woods this Thanksgiving week. The cash shop apparently now offers a giant plush comfy cat chair that you can drag into your house for those quick power naps. What? What’s that? Guild Wars 2 still doesn’t have housing? Well then… I guess you can drag it out into the middle of a meadow and hope that a rain shower doesn’t introduce you and the cat chair to the wonders of mildew.

Perhaps more usefully for all players, ArenaNet has boosted the number of potential bag slots players can have.

“We’ve increased the maximum number of bag slots you can have per character from ten to twelve! This brings the maximum possible inventory size for a single character to 384 slots. Make your dreams of identifying entire stacks of unidentified gear at once a reality.”

In other Guild Wars 2 news, the MMO’s soundtrack will be on display in a concert next year in Britain: “Guild Wars 2’s legendary soundtrack will be featured in an upcoming concert from @Gameonconcert! They’ll be performing pieces from GW2 and other games at The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester on January 21st.”

Source: Guild Wars 2, 2
Awww apparently the bag slots have been delayed.

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