Path of Exile details the changes coming to Eldritch Altars in Forbidden Sanctum

That's not an altar. But it is altered.

Those of you who had relied upon Eldritch Altars for maps in Path of Exile will have to deal with the fact that when the next major update arrives, they will no longer be available. On the plus side, those of you who never wanted a map from Eldritch Altars will be overjoyed by this change. There are some pretty significant balance changes for the feature, with a slight decrease to the overall rewards offered as well as a narrower range of potential rewards along the way.

Altars are also being changed so that boss rushing is no longer the ideal strategy, while the Wrath of the Cosmos keystone is being tweaked to no longer be a mandatory element of gameplay. If you’re curious about the fine details of how this change will affect some edge cases, the team has even put together an FAQ regarding issues like the drop rates of Awakened Gems. So you’re still going to like Eldritch Altars, but now they’re going to be a little less focal on every single run.

Source: Official Site (1, 2)
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