Final Fantasy XIV updates its preview site for Gods Revel, Lands Tremble with more content


With Final Fantasy XIV’s next major patch just around the corner, the game’s special site for the update has been expanded to cover things included in the interim patch 6.35 as well as showing off more content for the patch itself. Do the new screenshots include a radiantly oiled-up muscular man? They sure do. Do they include the most bedazzled elephant of 2023, an award category that has a lot of time to be contested but probably will not be? Sure thing. Do they include new pictures of Hildibrand seconds before an exaggerated physical take? You got it!

Of course, there’s also more lore as well, like a preview of the upcoming Eureka Orthos featuring more Allagan chambers hidden beneath the Crystal Tower. It also promises that our new custom delivery client, Anden, is… a talkative pile of leaves in Il Mheg whom the pixies seem to recognize. That just raises further questions, but you’ll have to wait a little while to get all of those questions answered. At least some will be answered on January 10th when the main patch goes live, though.

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