Dungeons and Dragons Online discusses new raid, character model updates, and lag fixes in livestream


Players of Dungeons and Dragons Online were full of questions about the MMORPG’s new roadmap, so naturally the devs were full of some answers that were offered in the game’s most recent Q&A livestream. Here are some of the more important notes:

  • UI scaling is in the works but it’s likely not going to release this year, as the devs are unsure just how big of a task it will be.
  • This year will also not see any new races arrive. There will, however, be updates to existing character models that could arrive as early as Q4 or as late as 2024.
  • This year will also bring a new raid – the second arriving in 2023 – which will be part of the game’s next mini-expansion.
  • Two-factor authentication is in the works, but some steps need to be taken beforehand in order for everything to work together; specifically the store needs to be updated, then the launcher, and then 2FA can be built.
  • Internal testing has yielded some promising results for a fix on a major source of lag. A large patch with this fix and others is expected later this year.
  • A “reaper mode” is being considered, which would remove reaper trees entirely and make them have their own progression track instead. The devs are also trying to work out a way to have reaper points shared among group members.

For fans of DDO who are looking for more from the devs, one of the MMORPG’s system designers is going to be joining livestreamer Arcanaverse tonight, January 28th, at 7:00 p.m. EST, to discuss the Dark Secrets puzzle and possibly answer player questions.

sources: YouTube, Discord, thanks to Brandon for the tips!
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