Blizzard commissioned artists to paint an entire chapel with Diablo IV’s gothic art

Plus: Details from last night's AMA


Blizzard is chugging along the train tracks to Diablo IV’s beta this month with a drop of several new trailers and a new AMA with some nuggets of info.

First, last night the studio released what it’s calling a live action trailer, and while technically there’s no live action apart from a few birds in the beginning, the footage was shot in a stunning live location – Chapelle de Jesuites in Cambrai, France – where artists were commissioned by the company to paint a truly massive gothic mural specifically for the shots. Game of Thrones’ Charles Dance narrates for a pretty creepy experience, and there are also secondary videos to provide a behind-the-scenes looks at the cathedral and the artists who took 30 days to hand-paint every scrap of canvas for the walls for what are easily the most terrifying paintings since Vigo the Carpathian.

The devs also hosted a Twitter Spaces AMA last night, and fortunately the highlights were summed up on Reddit. Notably, Blizzard confirmed cross-play and cross-progression, character appearances can’t be saved in the beta for use at launch, some crafting systems are meant only for endgame, casters on controllers won’t suck, players can party with anyone in the world, co-op comms will make it into beta, and there appears to be no NDA for the beta, meaning you can stream away.

Source: YouTube, AMA
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