April Fools’ Day events in the MMO world, 2023 edition


April Fools’ Day has a weird feel this year, being on a weekend, but it’s here all the same. It’s tradition for MMO devs to prank their players and worlds, and by Bristlebane, we’re going to chronicle the chaos, even on a Saturday. Here are some of the best ones we’ve found in our searching today… so far!

Oh no, EverQuest II and PlanetSide 2 are merging! Actually… we’d play this.

Blizzard announced that the next Diablo is actually Diablo XII:

Guild Wars 2 offers up its requisite fake patch notes:

So does Riot Games’ Valorant:

EVE Online warns players about “huffing” “Fullerite C0-P1UM.”

Elder Scrolls Online is teasing a new companion: everyone’s favorite Orc quest-giver, Stuga! (The lawyer note at the end kinda spoils it, guys!)

Lord of the Rings Online – Two words: Chicken run!

Overwatch 2 brought back googly eyes and an experimental mode:

Nightingale posted an AMA with its newest developer, a Normal Human, who does Normal Human Things:

Final Fantasy XI – There are new events, delivery tasks, a new Archduke of Jeuno, new “mounts,” and more! Get your “nice skillchain bro” macros ready!

Pantheon is porting to the N64!

Among Us – There’s a new horse wrangling mode, and you’re a horse.

Conan Exiles’s Funcom introduces its new Conan game, “We are happy to announce a new project: Oh My Gods: I Was Banished to the Exiled Lands and Now I Have to Date One of the Gods โ€“ A Conan Love Story!”

Raph Koster’s Playable Worlds is trolling us with cake.

Lost Ark – looks like a Spongebob reference! Also, ark’s found, everyone go home.

SWG’s Empire in Flames rogue server added a new world boss… ahem.

War Thunder is here to PUMP you UP.

This one’s novel: PSO2 is doing a prank live!

Something tells me this is not a real tank in World of Tanks!

Zenith released new “concept art”:

Patch notes comin’ in from Hearthstone:

Valheim teased its next update:

PUBG has introduced Bizarre Battle Royale, “a wild mode where players battle amidst giant monstrous chickens and zombies using special abilities.”

Dual Universe introduced “Boxels,” the “voxel revolution you’ve been waiting for!”

Wurm Online turned everyone’s horses into rugs. Hope you didn’t need those!

Profane launched a new invisibility skill – so invisible, you can’t see it!

Wakfu adds a ridiculous outfit.

League of Legends has multiple pranks running, including poro stampedes, stabby crabbies, and minions with wacky hats – skill the minions to stack their hats!

A few more events we’ve already covered…

And a quick run-down of past years’ shenanigans if you’re feeling nostalgic:

We’ll be updating with more as we spy them today! If you notice anything we didn’t catch – totally possible since it’s the weekend – post them in the comments!

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