Overwatch 2 launches interstellar-themed Starwatch Galactic Rescue event with threadbare PvE elements


The world of Overwatch 2 is already couched in sci-fi, but that doesn’t mean it can’t go deeper. Like, for example, taking several of the game’s characters and pitting them against one another in an interstellar space opera-style alt universe event that’s available between now and May 22nd.

The Starwatch: Galactic Rescue event will see two teams square off in a four-point assault match on a version of the Horizon Lunar Colony map that’s been designed to resemble the interior of a starship. Players can either join the villainous Infinite Empire, the rebellious Watchers, or queue up as a mercenary to arrive at either side. Watchers players have to try to rescue a captured Echo from the clutches of the Empire, while the Empire players have to (obviously) prevent that from happening.

The event itself is being billed as a “PvP/PvE hybrid,” but the bent is definitely more towards the PvP side: The only PvE that’s actually in this thematic scuffle is the Watcher team being joined by a dressed-up Doomfist and the Empire having access to special artillery located around the arena. The map also has gravity implosion barrels dotted around it that can be blown up to draw foes into a gravity well. Either way, this addition of PvE elements is a far cry from the co-op PvE story missions the company promised back in 2019.

The Galactic Rescue event is being heralded with a special comic that sets the scene as well as sci-fantasy rewards like skins and battle pass XP. Finally, total wins for each side will be tallied up, with the victorious side getting a special comic that closes out the event’s story when it all wraps up.

sources: press release, official site
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