KingsIsle highlights Pirate101 challenges, confirms Wizard101 test realm, and preps esports tourney


It’s newsletter time for KingsIsle MMORPGs Pirate101 and Wizard101, and while both have vastly different highlights, one thing is shared between them: the upcoming annual Community Spiral Cup, which pits player teams against one another in four challenges to win prizes like a month of membership benefits and the addition of a player-designed mount.

Another large tidbit out of the Wiz101 newsletter is confirmation of a public test realm’s arrival for the game. This feature is planned to open sometime in summer, and will let players get their hands on the upcoming Crying Sky raid and a token that lets characters change their name and gender. The rest of the newsletter celebrates a successful Pride charity event and heralds the opening of Lemuria to EU players.

As for Pirate101’s newsletter, that’s much more focused on several community affairs, including a player-designed Nuzlocke challenge that fans can take on, a celebration of blogger Humble Misty’s 10-year-long journey, and a player-run tattoo design contest that awards winners with crowns currency.

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