Diablo IV’s first seasonal content, Season of the Malignant, is available today


The dictionary definition of “malignant” can mean evil or malevolent, but it can also means highly infectious or destructive and is frequently used in conjunction with cancerous tissue to refer to something that needs to be excised and removed. We’re sure that Diablo IV would prefer that everyone thinks of its first seasonal content patch with the former meaning rather than the latter as it’s officially underway as of this afternoon. This is definitely an easy thing to do, because everything is going super great in the Diablo IV community and nobody is angry at all.

The new season brings everyone to the same point of bypassing the story and just grinding out levels, and if you had forgotten that this season features a battlepass with not one but two paid options, the landing page is happy to remind you of that. (It’s $25, by the way.) Here’s the recap on how seasons work, if you missed it, but they’re functionally on par with Diablo III’s implementation along with the added battle pass functionality. Happy days. There’s also a campfire chat coming tomorrow because everyone is so happy and it will definitely go very well.

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