One Shots: A most adorable destroyer of the cosmos


As we enter the delicious aroma of fall and the spine-shivering thrills of Halloween, is there any MMO that deserves to be revisited this season than The Secret World? After all, its first zone has been perpetually stuck on October 31st since its launch.

“It wasn’t me!” protested Minimalistway. “I just bought the t-shirt! The little demon won’t leave me alone. I put this screenshot because honestly it made me sad more than anything else in the game. I would pay for the game, but I can’t.”

“I started on a new campaign in MJ’s Neverwinter group this week,” said Katriana. “While making our way through a cave system to get to the back door or whatever it is, we caught some glimpses of Menzoberranzan below us in the distance. Very pretty in game, not so easy to get good screenshots of.”

Now descend with us into the technicolored world of Final Fantasy XIV, where nothing and everything makes sense as your senses are overloaded by color, cuteness, and impossibilities.

“‘I don’t paint dreams or nightmares, I paint my own reality,’ said Frida Kahlo,” said Vincent.

And Bel is getting into the spirit of the month in The Sims 4: “I’m playing through a Rags-to-Witches challenge in Sims. This is Esmee Nutter with her new familiar, Celeste. She just learned the Copypasto spell, so money problems are a thing of the past!”

And I’ll close up shop today with an image of my baby Mariner getting ready to take Lord of the Rings Online by storm — or by rainbow. Now, how did she lose that eye? She’ll only tell you that over a pint of grog if you pinky-promise to never reveal the real truth.

Spoiler: It has to do with Gollum.

Fly forth, my screenshotting butterflies, and migrate to all sorts of wondrous MMORPGs this week! Bring back your visual bounties and use them to create a comfy nest in the comments section!

Every week, One Shots shines a spotlight on the best community screenshots from your MMO adventures. If you have a great pic to share, email it to with the subject “One Shots.” Make sure that the picture is over 880px wide and comes with a description or story!
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