Final Fantasy XIV increases weekly tomestone limits with patch 6.57

Rock on.

You know it’s late in the life cycle of a Final Fantasy XIV expansion when the game uncaps your weekly tomestones as is happening with patch 6.57. Technically, they’re not truly uncapped at this point, you still have a weekly cap of 900, but from a functional standpoint you are unlikely to accidentally hit that cap. There’s also no more weekly restriction on loot from the last Savage wing, Thaleia is now in the alliance raid roulette, and the split areas to reduce congestion have been removed.

This patch also lays the groundwork for the Xbox beta starting on February 21st, although most of those changes will not be visible until… well, the 21st. As stated. It’s a fairly small patch without new content for players who have already made their way through everything that the last patch has to offer, but if you want to stock up on tomestones ahead of the next expansion, that did get a lot easier to do now.

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