China shuts down Genshin Impact KFC promotion at certain locations due to pandemic concerns

I'm pretty sure we were all expecting the Genshin Impact KFC crossover promotion in China was just going to be a one-and-done sort of...

Genshin Impact Update 1.4 celebrates spring in Mondstadt, adds new quests and a new character on March 17

The next update for multiplayer RPG Genshin Impact is on the horizon, and just like the last major update, this one comes with a...

Genshin Impact will reportedly get a crossover promotion with KFC in China

KFC has its fingers in a lot of weird things, whether it's visual novels, gaming PC creation, or attempts to hawk its product via...

Jukebox Heroes: The best of Genshin Impact’s soundtrack

Genshin Impact isn't just a game that's easy on the eyes -- it's marvelous to the ears as well. Massively OP's Chris has taken...

Genshin Impact fans have built a scale model of the city of Liyue Harbor

How much of a fan of Genshin Impact are you? Are you the sort of creative person that makes fanart of the game? Maybe...

Genshin Impact’s new Xiao character is live today for Lunar New Year

As promised, Genshin Impact has officially released version 1.3, which was set to bring a new character and a Lunar New Year event among...

Genshin Impact celebrates the Lunar New Year and adds a new character in its February 3 update

It's a new year and a new upcoming update arriving to Genshin Impact on Wednesday, February 3rd. Specifically, the Lunar New Year, which in-game...

Genshin Impact introduces a frosty new archer and kicks off a fresh round of events

It's time once again to pray to your favorite deity of fortune in the hopes of landing a new Genshin Impact character. The latest...

Genshin Impact opens the region of Dragonspine and brings new events on December 23

Hope you have your favorite fire characters ready, because Genshin Impact is headed to a frosty locale at the end of this month. Version...

Genshin Impact adds a story quest for Mona, with a big update coming next month

While Genshin Impact's first major post-launch patch is still to come on November 13th, the team at Mihoyo put out a smaller update yesterday...

Explaining Genshin Impact’s impact: Is it actually worth your time?

In Explaining Genshin Impact’s impact: The reinvention of gachapon, I went into the nitty-gritty of the gacha system and how it's actually pretty easy...
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Genshin Impact outlines its update schedule for its next three major patches

It appears that miHoYo's Genshin Impact has certainly had an... impact on potential players. (We have fun here.) But the developers are not resting on their...
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Genshin Impact plans on more characters, more areas, and a PS5 release in the future

The popular single-player/multiplayer RPG Genshin Impact will be expanding outside of what's currently available according to a miHoYo spokesperson who talked with IGN Japan....
It sells the landing.

First Impressions: Genshin Impact is half decent ARPG and half gacha

I forget when I first heard about Genshin Impact, but it was a while back, and it was something that I earmarked for the future...
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Yes, Genshin Impact is blocking Hong Kong and Taiwan-related chat

There are some words you can't say in Genshin Impact even when chatting with friends. These words are probably not of an enormous surprise to...

Genshin Impact’s international launch is making a big splash outside China

The release of Genshin Impact on PS4, mobile, and PC has not only caught many by surprise but has also captured a lot of...
It sells the landing.

Genshin Impact officially launches for PC, PS4, and mobile devices

Shanghai-based developer miHoYo has officially launched the new open world multiplayer RPG Genshin Impact to the world, bringing its colorful universe and unique mechanics...