Zenith’s Might and Mastery patch adds leaderboards, revamps its skill tree, and adjusts the early game

Have you felt that earning levels in Zenith is a little bit boring? Then perhaps the next patch coming to the VR MMORPG will...
Weedle whee.

Zenith trots out a new raid boss in the Ascension update, plans Quest 3 launch in October

The matrix, er, Zenith needs you to plug in once more, as a new raid boss has appeared on the scene. The virtual reality...

VR MMO Zenith revamps its skill tree to be more visual and impactful

It's out with the old talent system and in with a completely revamped design over at Zenith. The virtual reality MMORPG unveiled its full...

Zenith begins testing Ascension patch and revamped starter experience

VR MMORPG Zenith is looking ahead to its next big update: It's called Ascension, and though it has no launch window just yet, the...
I'm sure it's fine.

Zenith tweaks scaling for its new boss fight and corrects text and drops for its new pet

Zenith's Citadel update, which introduced a new world boss to fight and a new pet to claim, didn't exactly arrive to the game very...

Zenith opens a boss fight arena and improves endgame rewards in its Citadel update

The VR MMO Zenith has gotten itself a fresh new content update this week, opening up another part of the Skylands known as the...
Less than inspirational!

The MOP Up: EVE Online’s Fanfest has officially sold out

Well, that's it: EVE Online's Fanfest is officially sold out this year, so if you were hoping to snag a ticket at this late...

VR MMO Zenith begins testing Rings & Ruin’s new storyline and pets

Virtual reality MMO Zenith announced the Rings & Ruins update this week, promising a new area in Skylands, new pets, and a range of...

Zenith announces another closure of unused servers on July 14

The list of servers for the VR MMORPG Zenith is about to shrink once more this week. Ramen VR posted an announcement yesterday that...

Steam’s Summer Sale 2023 is live through July 13 with deals on FFXIV, GW2, New World, ESO, and more

Valve has revived the traditional Steam summer sale this afternoon, with gobs of good deals running well beyond the 4th of July. Perhaps the...

Zenith adds a new area to Skyland with new monsters and new pets in latest minor patch

VR MMORPG Zenith got itself a minor content patch last week, and if you're currently running around the Skyland area that was introduced last...

Zenith unleashes a bug fix-filled patch for its latest content update

It is the unfortunate and oft-annoying nature of the MMORPG beast that major content launches will inevitably find some bugs wriggling their way through...

Zenith vows more polish and a faster cadence with ‘updates every 2-3 weeks’

The launch of Zenith's Skyward Summit update yesterday wasn't without its hitches, as the PS VR2 release took most of an extra day to...

Zenith’s Skyward Summit update is live today with a new zone and Cyber Ninja class

VR MMORPG Zenith is officially opening up the Skyward Summit update for players as of today - "the biggest patch launched to date,"...

Zenith’s Skyward Summit update launches May 11 as Ramen holds back Cyber Ninja’s subclasses

Ramen VR has been teasing Zenith's Skyward Summit patch for what seems like months now, and we've finally got a formal launch date: May...

Zenith talks about courting investors and clearing tech hurdles as Skyward Summit heads to open testing May 5

To say that VR gaming in general is a niche market is a bit of an understatement; combine that with making an MMO in...

Zenith’s Skyward Summit update will introduce new active harvesting and crafting features

Players of the VR MMORPG Zenith have been seeing plenty of sneak peeks out of the game's upcoming (yet still undated) Skyward Summit update,...

Zenith shares video previews of Skyward Summit’s player housing and more Cyber Ninja gameplay

The upcoming Skyward Summit update headed to Zenith at some point or another isn't just about the Cyber Ninja class or the introduction of...

VR MMO Zenith previews the Skyward Summit patch’s PvP mode

Ramen VR has been teasing Zenith's next release - and its Cyber Ninja class - for literally months now, and now a dev-written piece...

The Daily Grind: Do you still have hope for a blossoming of MMORPGs in VR?

Every month or so, someone will ask about MMORPGs in the VR space, and every month or so, we have to nod toward a...