Guild Wars 2 unveils the Guardian elite spec: Dragonhunter


Here we are in the wilds of Guild Wars 2 once again, and you can see we’ve got a big old dragon right there. He’s a beauty, he is. The worst thing you could do here, naturally, is shoot him full of arrows from a divinely powered bow, so we’re going to be doing exactly that! Why? Because we’re Dragonhunters, the newly revealed Elite Specialization for the Guardian, and also because killing any and all dragons in Guild Wars 2 is probably just good practice.

Despite its name, the Dragonhunter’s powers work just fine on non-draconic targets. The specialization is focused on giving Guardians a different way to play, making the Virtues more active gameplay mechanics and encouraging players to support their allies while firing from the back lines. It’s a specialization full of traps (including the healing abilities) and support abilities; check out the full reveal for more details on just how you can bring down the big dragons with your new tricks.

[Source: NCsoft press release, blog post]
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