Heroes of the Storm devs talk Kael’Thas and character design


Wondering how Blizzard’s developers choose from the studio’s incredible roster of characters and then crafted those selections into Heroes of the Storm’s champions? Then you might want to check out this new AMA on Reddit in which two of the MOBA’s devs talked about the process of bringing a new hero to the game, such as the recent Kael’Thas Sunstrider.

“All the while, we balance, lightly at first while things are coalescing together, then much more heavily as we near release,” the devs wrote. “Does the character FEEL overpowered while not actually BEING overpowered? Are some talents obviously better for the same purpose?”

They also addressed the recent hefty nerfs to Diablo and ETC on the test server, saying that these were design changes long in coming so that both characters would have more viable talent builds.

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