Final Fantasy XIV previews the Weeping City and the Final Steps of Faith

It's coming down.
The story of Final Fantasy XIV‘s current expansion began on the Steps of Faith that lead into Ishgard, marking the start of a journey through years of hatred and war. That same journey is coming to an end in patch 3.3 on the same steps as players face off against the great wyrm Nidhogg, bringing the conflict to its end… one way or the other. The latest previews on the official site offer a quick overview of the battle, as well as the extreme version, which players may unlock after defeating the trial the first time around.

Of course, there are other problems for players to deal with aside from just Nidhogg, such as that whole voidsent thing that started in Void Ark. The Weeping City of Mhach is also previewed today, a ruined city tucked deep within the Yafaem Saltmoor between Coerthas and Mor Dhona. It’s not really a lighter side than dealing with the lengthy conflict between the Dravanian Horde and the Holy See, but it’s at least a different setup.


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