The Daily Grind: Have you ever learned about major world news while playing an MMORPG?

Star Citizen

Last week when news of Brexit took over the western world, a Star Citizen Redditor made a comment about the weirdness of learning that the UK is leaving the EU via the Star Citizen sub. “This is almost as bad as the time on WoW when a gnome in Stormwind broke the news to me that Bin Laden died,” he wrote. Another person said he’d been playing Ultima Online during 9/11, to which a third person replied, “When I was younger, the older generation always talked about how they all remember the exact moment and place they heard the news of Kennedy being assassinated. Now someplace in Ultima Online is that place for you.”

I’ve thought really hard about this and cannot think of a big event happening specifically when I was logged into an MMORPG. I was just waking up on the west coast when the towers were hit, for example, but I have distinct memories of some of my EverQuest guildies refusing to table their pretty game dramas even on 9/11, which was the last straw for me in EverQuest and motivated me to walk away and play Dark Age of Camelot a month later. So that’s something, I guess.

How about you? Has any major world event ever broken while you were playing an MMO, to the extent that you learned about it inside the MMO itself?

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