Shards Online patches in necromancy and dragon taming


The latest Shards Online patch is the biggest one since December, and it really covers all of the bases you can imagine. Do you want to tame a young dragon? You can try to do that in this patch. Do you have a friend who wanted to tame a young dragon and is now dead, since young dragons tend to come with parental dragons who do not want their offspring tamed? You can use necromancy to reanimate your friend’s body! It’s like the circle of life.

Former trial players are also being re-invited to the game starting on Thursday, July 14th, allowing those who have taken part in trials in the past to have another little hop through the game’s additions. There’s also new lower levels in the Catacombs raid dungeon, crafting improvements, new player experience upgrades, and various quality-of-life fixes. It’s a big patch that will hopefully delight everyone who jumps in, although whoever is getting re-animated by the necromancers will probably be a bit unhappy with certain elements. (The dying elements, mostly.)

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