NCsoft’s Q3 2016 financials see declines for WildStar, Guild Wars 2, and Blade & Soul

We all began with good intents.

NCsoft released its Q3 2016 financial results this morning. Here’s a quick look at how the major MMORPGs are doing:

  • WildStar’s sales have plummeted, half what they were last quarter and at their lowest mark for the entire year.
  • Guild Wars 2 saw a small dip but held mostly even with last quarter, but that’s still its lowest for the year.
  • Blade & Soul has trailed off predictably since its western launch earlier this year (“stabilized,” NCsoft says) but are still up 61% year-over-year thanks to that regional expansion.
  • Lineage I, usually NCsoft’s key player, saw its “sales weakened slightly” quarter-over-quarter as a result of reduced “in-game item promotions.” But it’s still up 7% year-over-year.
  • Aion has dipped slightly to its lowest sales of the year.
  • Lineage II is the only game to have reported a small upsurge in sales since Q2.

Overall, NCsoft’s operating profit and sales declined for the quarter (“due to less in-game item promotions by the major titles” is the refrain) but up for the year.



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