EVE Online preps for tomorrow’s F2P transition, requests patience and feedback

Come and get your PLEX.
“We are ready to bring you clone states and Ascension tomorrow,” CCP’s Andie Nordgren tells EVE Online players in a dev update today on the — wait for it — eve of what is surely the biggest change to ever come to the sci-fi sandbox, that being its free-to-play transition.

“We’re also pretty sure that launch day will have some excitements that we didn’t expect,” she says. “Clone states is a huge change that impacts almost everything about EVE and all the services and processes that we run behind the scenes to make EVE work.” Consequently, the team has asked for patience if there are catastrophes and help pinpointing issues and reporting bugs. That goes for feedback on the EVE Portal app as well, which launched last week.

She does note that players who’ve written guides or other useful bits for new players should send them along to the dev team for inclusion in an upcoming blog post.

“It’s almost showtime,” she grins. “Let’s show some new people what it’s all about.”

Source: YouTube
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