Albion Online has huge plans for its player-run economy, including all-crafted drops


Albion Online isn’t letting up on the updates in the window of time from now to July when it launches for real, nope. Today, the studio’s put out its plan for some of the big changes it’s working on. Economy is first up on the list as Sandbox Interactive hopes to make almost all of the gear in the game player-made — even the drops. You know how Trove’s mob drops are actually player-crafted items? So too will it be in Albion once the team has its way.

“The way this works is that all items that can drop from mobs need to be supplied to an NPC black market first. The black market in turn creates demand based on mobs being killed. If the black market’s demand is not met for certain items, prices will increase, until a player is willing to sell the requested item to the NPC. Items sold to the NPC will then enter the drop pool, i.e. mobs can drop them based on the usual loot tables. However, the black market NPC is somewhat corrupt, and some items sold to him will be ‘lost’, hence creating a nice item sink which will be very important at the lower tiers. If we can make it work, you’ll even be able to see which player originally crafted the item that just dropped from the mob you killed!”

SI is also continuing work on the reputation system, a Hell Gate PvP redesign, a better UI for the market, item stacking, an updated tutorial, and game performance, plus it’s hoping to roll out more quality-of-life changes like configurable banks and crafting orders too. There’s some intriguing stuff buried in this doc, like “internal guild currency,” and finally, the team promises there won’t be another “food crisis” after the next test server wipe.

“Remember the food crisis in the first days post wipe? We will take steps to make sure that it does not get repeated on release. Instead of seeding food at high prices in the market place – as we did for the Galahad wipe – we will instead let all mobs drop food ingredients for the first 1-2 weeks after release, to allow the food economy to properly get going in an organic way.”

File that one under things we wish the real world could learn.

Source: Official site, press release

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Jeff Lewis

I’m actually really enjoying this game a lot. it kind of reminds me of a fantasy EVE lite. Been gathering and crafting and that’s pretty much it as I test some stuff out. Not sure how much I will play before the next wipe but I really need to find a guild for launch. Pleasantly surprised by the game so far!

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Yeah, am having a blast too. However, we’re cooling our play time (hubs and I) until it actually releases so we don’t get burned out.


As someone that wants to get into all aspects of the supply side of Albion, I kind of wish that crops didn’t take nearly so long to grow, since it makes leveling cooking more of a time-sink than anything else. Maybe I’m being nit-picky, but 22 hours doesn’t seem to provide enough buffer time for people that want to log on at a certain time to grab their crops/livestock. Even 20 hours would be better than 22, since some people may have other things going on, and can’t meet the 2 hour buffer window within which to plant their crops if they want to harvest them at a reasonable time.

Case in point: The last time I played in the beta, I was completely swamped in coursework getting ready to graduate, so I would hop on for a short time to grab the crops, replant, and log off to get back to work. I started harvesting at around 6 PM EST, but over time I would have to miss that time to finish work. With only a two hour buffer, I could either miss a planting cycle completely and be behind, or I could log on exactly or as close to the time that the plants finished growing as I could over a few days to get back to the desired harvesting time.

TL;DR I guess the point I’m trying to make is that: With a 4 hour buffer window within which to plant crops, as opposed to 2, it gives people who may be busy with other important things enough time so that they can reasonably keep pace with someone who has more free time to come online exactly as crops come off the growing cycle.

Jeff Lewis

The 22 hour time is definitely a bit long. I also found once I had two farm plots down and an animal pen I was running out of focus too much. I can only imagine what it will be like once you expand even more.

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Esoteric Coyote

It seems to me they only want people to harvest crops once a day, so make them grow on “reset time”, midnight or whatever. Bam fully grown. Then you can pick and plant any time of the day.

Mark Harris

Unarmed mobs for the first few days?