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When GW2 was mentioned as an example, I must say GW2 daylies had some iterations.

I mostly miss the bigger “monthlies” as they were much more flexible in how much time you were able to put in to them, if you weren’t motivated to do anything else for a whole week or so! They also weren’t done in just 15 minutes, yet you could leave them alone for something more urgent at any time!

Nick Smith

I thought this event was actually a pemanent feature. Darn!


I know the idea of “dailies” in a sandbox MMO, in some ways, defeats the purpose of that sandbox. But even when I’m enthusiastically playing a sandbox MMO, there are some days where I would much rather turn my brain off and let the game tell me what’s going to be fun that night by suggesting predetermined goals.
I’m already thinking of ways it could work in my favorite sandboxes. They could also serve as a good way to relax and take a break from the goals players typically need to set for themselves in a sandbox. For myself, I know that such dailies would be a good way to keep me involved in a sandbox I love by sometimes meeting me halfway.