The Daily Grind: What MMO would you like to see dump its branding or IP?


On Tuesday, Daybreak formally announced that the neglected PvE half of H1Z1, Just Survive, would be shedding its H1Z1 branding once and for all. The reveal couldn’t help but remind me of the way Daybreak did the same thing for Landmark, deleting the “EverQuest Next” and then the EverQuest IP altogether from the title and marketing before ultimately scrapping the entire game not long after launch.

I don’t think Just Survive is necessarily doomed without the branding, however. In fact, I can think of several MMOs that I wish could have dumped their IPs or changed their names to rid themselves of the proverbial albatross ’round their necks. Star Wars Galaxies leaps immediately to mind.

What MMO would you like to see dump its branding or IP?

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Neverwinter! As a fan of Dungeons & Dragons from the early days of the franchise the PWE version of Neverwinter just doesn’t seem like D&D to me.

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Paragon Lost

I knew that someone would post a ridiculous comment about ridiculous comments in this thread… adding nothing to the conversation.

Fervor Bliss

Hello Kitty Online, Does everything cute have to be for children?


For me:

– TESO. I don’t (and can’t) see it as a “true” Elder Scroll game, as the move to MMO forces it to remove much of what I really like about Elder Scrolls games (the feeling of being able to really change the game world, the modding capabilities, quests having multiple wildly different ways of solving them while being able to save and reload in order to experience all of those paths, and so on). Playing something that calls itself “Elder Scrolls” but has none of that would be a constant reminder of how much I miss a “true” Elder Scrolls game. Besides, if TESO were to drop the Elder Scrolls IP, we might get an Elder Scrolls VI.
(And besides, TESO sounds like a game I could enjoy if only it wasn’t named Elder Scrolls.)

– Guild Wars 2. Because dropping the brand would open the way for a game that was a true successor for the original, and not this thing we have now.

Jeremiah Wagner

Guild Wars 2 , since its not Guild Wars at all.

Castagere Shaikura

I logged in to my old Guild wars account after all the talk about pof. I haven’t played it in years and your so right about Guild wars 2 not being Guild wars. And i forgot about how fun it is to have two professions. That would have been really fun in Guild wars 2.

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I don’t precisely want it to dump its IP, but I’ve always thought that Age of Conan feels a bit restricted with its depiction of the Hyborian Age. Rise of the Godslayer opened that out significantly, but what really excited me about the game’s potential is something that it never pursued beyond a slight bit of dabbling: the syncretism with Weird Tales’ two other great writers, H.P. Lovecraft and Clark Ashton Smith. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands would make a great full expansion, for instance, and Smith’s surreal vistas of decadent sorcery could add so much zing to the game without really diverging from its charter. A little late in the day, perhaps, but I do still love the game.


I think the main motive for dropping the Everquest brand was so that they could drop Landmark without dropping an Everquest game.

I wonder if the same will hold true for Just Survive.

Jeremy Barnes

SWTOR. It survives on the Star Wars branding and it should have been swept to the dustbin long ago.


I agree with Galaxies ridding itself of their IP, but by that same token, I’m failing to think of what that legally could have re-branded themselves as considering the massive amount of Star Wars references in the game.


… what they could have legally…. Missed my edit window.

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Ken from Chicago

They could have created an original IP. It’s relatively easy.


In the far-flung future, humanity has reached the stars using “skip” drives that allow one to “skip” normal space and travel to distances faster than the speed of light. Interstellar corporations have financed entire colonies and eventually ownership inherited by a few stockholders who became a new royalty, king and queens, princes and princesses, dukes and duchesses, barons and baronesses of whole worlds, star systems and star clusters who rule over their respective realms, some with allied and some with conflicting agendas. Each realm is patrolled by royal guards as well as being the military of their respective realms.

However some in the royal guards, men and women who volunteered have become disillusioned by uncaring rulers who do not care about their subjects other that what profit they can bring in to the rulers’ coffers. So they band together to form the Star Rangers. They vow to help all the sentients of the Milky Way galaxy, not just the rulers individual realms, including independent worlds considered too poor to exploit.

In the game, you can join the Rangers to protect the galaxy or the Guard to protect a realm or an allied group of realms seeking power. Or you can be a privateer hunting down bounties or a courier transporting goods or people of varying levels of legality, no questions asked.

Aside from regular gear, armor and weapons, you can use powered exoskeletons, cybernetics or psionics to attack or defend. You can pilot star fighters, cargo ships, cargo runners, stealth ships, scout ships, or command capital ships with NPCs flying fighter ships, operating turrets, etc.

Or maybe you’re just a simple trader or crafter, entertainer, farmer, explorer, etc.

See? Simple.


In order to be more realistic, SSG should drop Tolkien and rebrand it with the works of J.R.R Tollcoin.