Guild Wars 2 is running another Path of Fire stress test on Thursday

Quick show of hands, who in the audience would like to break the Guild Wars 2 servers? Well, that’s… that’s a lot of hands, and… is that someone with a hammer? That’s not what we meant! It’s a stress test, dude, a test designed to break the servers by overwhelming them and seeing how they perform under load. It’s ahead of the Path of Fire launch, get it?

Put the hammer away; I don’t care how much a hammer will put stress on a hard drive. Don’t be a jerk.

For those of you who know what a stress test is, unlike Smashy McBreakstuff over here, you can start in as long as you have a valid GW2 account at 3:00 p.m. EDT on Thursday, September 7th. The test should run for about two hours, so if you’re not going to be available at the time, think of it less as a preview opportunity and more as… well, a stress test. Exactly what it is, in other words. Bug reports are welcome, but you should expect the servers to be a little stressed.

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