MMOs you’ve never heard of: Savage Hunt – Dragon’s Prophet, Ironsight, Until None Remain, and Battlerite


Welcome back to our intermittent series on MMOs and other multiplayer games you you’ve never heard of! Today we have four fresh titles to take a look at.

Savage Hunt

Gamigo announced Savage Hunt – Dragon’s Prophet this week, the successor to Dragon’s Prophet, which Gamigo is calling “one of the most successful MMORPGs ever launched.” MMORPG players will recall that Daybreak sunsetted the US version of the original game in 2015, though it continued on overseas. The company says the free-to-play title will launch on September 28th in English, German, and French, and yes, you can still “hunt, train, and fight with […] dragons.” Over 600 of them, in fact, though you’ll probably be distracted by “4000 exciting quests and events” and PvP battles. The official site doesn’t appear to be live just yet.

Savage Hunt – Dragon’s Prophet is the newest release after the long-standing success of Dragon’s Prophet. Discover new and epic adventures and find your own path in Savage Hunt – Dragon’s Prophet. Explore a fantastic world that combines classical MMORPG elements with unique features. Search through forests and mountains for rare dragons, items and always be prepared for the fight. In the new Book of Dragons, you can collect your dragons and plan your journey. Find, hunt and tame over 600 dragons with individual strengths and skills. Only the best hunters and collectors can improve their dragons and items.”

What else have we got?

Savage Hunt


Ironsight is a free-to-play South Korean multiplayer online PC shooter porting westward in “early 2018” – alsovia Gamigo. Closed beta should kick off in November. It’s promising “thrilling multiplayer action,” 14 maps, and “high-end visuals in what the company is calling a “new breed of shooter.”

Ironsight is set in 2025, as war rages over Earth’s last remaining natural resources between armed forces and private military companies (PMCs) equipped with cutting-edge weapons and drone systems. As the democratization of the Middle East progressed, western governments joined forces to establish the North Atlantic Forces (NAF) to secure the territory’s resources and rebuild North America and Western Europe. In direct response, eastern nations formed the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN), enlisting PMCs to protect Middle Eastern resource-gathering facilities. This bitter struggle for power ignites a worldwide conflict the likes mankind has never seen.”

Until None Remain

Until None Remain is a VR shooter that is aping the battle royal/last-man-standing template. It’s due to hit early access on Steam on September 28th. It’s not entirely clear how many people will be competing at once, but bots are expected to fill in the gaps.

“Matches pit weaponless players against one another in a death match that continues until only one player remains. Players must rush to acquire weapons, armor, or specialty items such as jet packs, or traps. Scale walls or objects using magnetized gloves, jet around the arena in a jet pack, and interact with an environment that includes turrets, explosive containers, noxious gases, and more! Action takes place on a competitive map with poisonous gases which will push the players inward every five minutes. Matches will last for a maximum of 15 minutes, or until only one player remains. Players will be automatically matched for quick action and will be able to practice in an offline lobby. Matches will take a maximum of five minutes to begin. If a match has not filled up its slots by that time it will fill out the match with AI controlled players.”

Until None Remain


Finally, we have “PvP arena brawler” Battlerite from Stunlock Studios. Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the “spiritual successor” to the old Funcom-backed MOBA Bloodline Champions. It’s leaving early access for launch on November 8th, having racked up a million downloads so far. If you’re curious to play, you can do so for free for a week beginning on September 25th.

Know of more MMOs we’ve never covered? Drop us a tip! We love to hear about them!

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