Crowfall: ‘You don’t have to get into the stats to have a good time in this game’


Crowfall’s J. Todd Coleman and Billy Garretsen are back for another ACE Q&A – you can pretty much mark the months by these things. December’s edition is all about the user interface.

Garretsen says that the UI’s undergone a “pretty big shift” and now has a weighty side-docked UI element that merges the character’s stats, gear, and inventory, a little bit like the UI design in OARPGs like Path of Exile and Diablo. The idea is to boost visibility of the most important UI elements and clarify the game loop and how each piece of your character interacts (as well as deflect criticism that the game felt like a MOBA, and it really shouldn’t given how much goes into character development).

Don’t panic, however, if you just want to play without fussing too much with the numbers under the hood that are less under the hood with the test build’s latest update. “You don’t have to get into the stats to have a good time in this game,” Garretsen assures watchers. The whole Q&A is below.

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Shoot me a msg. when the game is released. I’m ready to have fun playing as a guinea ? that’s all I need to have fun, well that and things to kill with my guinea sword.

Bruno Brito

Sigh, i really don’t wanna watch an entire Q&A…

So, this game has no stat progression, is that what it means? Because the only way i see you not needing to care about your stats is if they’re automatically scaled to some parameter.


No, it means you just play the game and have fun – like ANY game. You don’t HAVE to get into the stats to have a good time. Like ANY good game.

That is a problem self-imposed by players.


I mean, to be fair, this is a competitive PvP focused title which any kind of competitive crowd is going to dive headlong into the stats trying to inch out that extra edge for competition.

Alie Busby

Has stat choices (ala shadowbane) in character creation, stat progression in passive (Eve style) training, stat progression in crafted weapons and armor, stats on the hundreds of disciplines you can choose from… plenty for the min/max crowd. Stats are defined but not tweeked and balanced (lots of placeholder values/first iteration values) as it is still pre-alpha and not feature complete… we should be in Alpha all winter, Beta this spring and the soft launch (no future skill wipes) by summer, commercial launch mid-summer. You want to be in for soft launch if at all interested, catch up is a real thing just slow.