Skyforge offers better previews, better symbols, and better trophies

Pretty me up.
The latest Skyforge patch is out in the wild, and it makes a lot of little things in the game better. Case in point, rather than guess at how an appearance item in a pack will look on your character, you can now preview the item directly on your character before you buy. You also have an improved interface for symbols (selected for free and per class now) and more ranks for trophies, including a sixth rank for those that add to your Might. Check out the full patch notes for more.

If that’s not enough for you, it might behoove you to take a look at the odd disappearance of the floral goddess Tessa. A researcher and the source of ether resonators that offered the warring deities of the world all sorts of opportunities, she vanished without a trace and left people wondering where she went. You can, of course, catch up on this in video format below; it sounds like a plot hook for the future if we’ve ever heard one.

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