Guild Wars 2 continues efforts to fix its living world episode issues

It bugs me.

When you deliberately add roller beetles to your game, you have to know that bugs are going to be an issue.

Guild Wars 2’s newest living world episode has been a big mess so far, with game errors getting in the way of players’ enjoyment and keeping some of them from finishing the content. The team pushed out a hotfix last evening that was aimed at some of the major issues, with another hotfix on the way this morning. It has also disabled the Stronghold of the Faithful raid map due to a serious issue with the encounter.

“Episode 3 has the largest story instance map of any we’ve ever attempted,” ArenaNet said, “and that large map size resulted in unintended consequences that were not detectable through pre-release testing but only became clear when the episode went live. We’re prioritizing getting that fixed.”

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