Elder Scrolls Online’s Wolfhunter boasts a hunting grounds dungeon that’s fantastically creepy

The Elder Scrolls Online is really upping its creepy factor in Wolfhunter, if its latest preview of Hircine’s Hunting Grounds is any indication. (Seriously, the new pics of the monstrously huge and ghostly Hircine are nightmarish. In a good way.) ZeniMax has deep-dived one of the DLC’s “dungeons,” March of Sacrifices, in a new dev blog today, and “dungeon” is in quotes specifically because this is no typical underground delve. Instead, March of Sacrifices is basically an overland realm dedicated to Hircine. Players will be competing with other teams in the zone to topple both the creatures there as well as each other to win the daedra’s favor and collect the requisite loot. Five bosses are also on the agenda for a takedown.

“As Hircine is the Daedric Prince of hunters and stalkers in the wild, the biggest element players will want to get used to in this dungeon is using stealth and taking on the role of a hunter,” ESO Dungeon Lead Mike Finnigan explains. “Some fights will require the use of mechanics not necessarily seen before. In particular, Tarcyr is quite different than anything we have done, and I suspect it will challenge players quite a bit.”

Wolfhunter was announced at E3 back in June and entered playtesting a little over a week ago.

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If this actually turns out to be PvEvP it could be amazing!… But supposedly the other “teams” will just be NPCs. :(


I like the pic’s, lookin good. I don’t get any kind of a creepy vibe from it at all, but I dig it. Now some of TSW missions gave me a real creepy vibe. So much so that it triggered my PTSD and I had to stop playing. So here’s hoping ESO isn’t that creepy lol :)


I’ll be checking MJ stream of this for sure, i was looking forward to this but… I just can’t get my frame off again.

Brian Beumeler

Wolves, Light and dark deer aspects, tranquil forest island, somebody has been watching princess mononoke lately.