H1Z1 officially launches on PlayStation 4 next month


The hopes, dreams, and (most importantly) finances of Daybreak go with H1Z1 as it officially launches on PlayStation 4 this August 7th. The original battle royale title did really well for itself when it went into a free-to-play early access on the console, racking up over 10 million players by the end of last month. How high will it go when it releases for good? We shall see!

Daybreak is going to do all it can to keep the excitement and engagement factor high with a content-filled Day One patch. The studio is adding a rocket-propelled grenade launcher and a SOCOM sniper rifle to the arsenal, along with the ARV personnel carrier that can truck around up to five people.

There are a few ways that Daybreak is hoping to profit off of the launch. H1Z1’s PS4 launch will kick off the first battle pass season (which retails for $5.49) and sell a Viper starting bundle and Hardline deluxe bundle for $4.99 and $34.99, respectively.


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