Final Fantasy XIV reveals its patch notes for Prelude in Violet

Yes, the patch note day is here for Final Fantasy XIV! You’re still going to need to wait for four more days before the patch actually arrives, but you can take a look through all of the additions and changes with patch 4.4 now, above and beyond the known big-ticket items like new MSQ entries and new dungeons. Because like any patch for FFXIV, there’s a lot in here.

Want to earn another promotion from your grand company squadron? You can do that now. New items? Of course. New hairstyle? Yes. Selling items directly from mannequins? Doable. New motion options in /gpose to make it easier to capture your character in movement aside from emotes? That’s there, too. Check out the full set of patch notes, although the new items arriving in the patch are (as usual) not yet available for viewing so no one hoards crafting items or the like. Really, there’s plenty to read without that.

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IronSalamander8 .

Cool stuff. I’m glad I came back to this one recently. There’s a lot a to do and I’m quite enjoying everything except the slow GCD for abilities which is far and away my largest complaint. I wish more games would do like CoH did where if you activated an ability that wasn’t ready that instead of swearing at you it would queue it up and execute it when able. FF14 and WoW to a lesser extent throw me off my game at times due to this lack.