Crowfall’s first campaign is the last phase of its pre-alpha testing


The ramp-up for Crowfall’s first campaign in pre-alpha 5.8 continues, with the team kicking off the first snap testing on the game’s test server. No, this doesn’t mean snap-fighting like gangs facing off in musicals, nor does it mean destroying half of the test server with a snap of the fingers, it just means short and scheduled tests. But that in and of itself is a pretty major milestone, as the first campaign testing also marks the end of the game’s pre-alpha testing!

This means that the game will move on from pre-alpha to alpha testing, which feels like a bit of an incremental change but at least opens us up for alpha, then post-alpha, and pre-beta testing before an actual beta. But it’s still a milestone for the team, terminology jokes aside, so it’ll be interesting to see how things go as testing rolls on for this first campaign world in which you can fight and win. Here’s hoping this also means no more delays for its soft launch.


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I can’t believe they’re still calling it pre-alpha. Are they going to go onto alpha now? How will that be any different?