Daybreak’s new video show how it’s retooling classic weapons and vehicles in PlanetSide Arena

The most positive statement about anything Daybreak-related I am likely to make all year.

Daybreak’s just posted a new video on PlanetSide Arena, this one focusing on the game’s vehicles and weapons, and yes, there’s plenty of gameplay footage wedged in there amongst the silly antics if that’s what you’re hoping for.

“Let’s start by saying that along with many new weapons, players will recognize many classics from PlanetSide that have been completely overhauled,” Daybreak says. “Every weapon has seen its models, textures, and effects touched to some degree.” But the devs also say vow they’re not just dumping years of balancing either, so some mechanics will carry over.

As we’ve previously covered, PlanetSide Arena is a battle royale title set in the PlanetSide universe, but with a twist: It’s actually a buy-to-play massively multiplayer battle royale. Daybreak has vowed that it won’t be abandoning PlanetSide 2 and in fact appears to be banking on an influx of players to the franchise in addition to shared assets and infrastructure that’s already aiding PS2. Steam early access is planned for January 29th.

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