The Division 2 players datamine Dark Hours information as box sales get off to a slow start

Central division.

Fans of The Division 2 have started to explore the game in the playing-for-keeps world of launch over the weekend, and the game’s subreddit is alight with notices of things like skill reset bugs and debates over game difficulty. None of that changes the fact that the players are already looking forward to what comes next, starting with dataminers uncovering information about the Dark Hours raid that’s slated for later addition. It’s still only rough ideas of what will be found in the final raid, but that’s what you get with datamining.

Meanwhile, full sales data on the title won’t be available for some time, but the early physical results in the UK state that the title only sold about 20% of the physical copies that the original The Division sold. This doesn’t take into account digital copies, and as the game is an online service it is entirely plausible that many of the sales migrated to the digital field. It’s not a great look for the early sales data, but then, it’s also just the beginning.

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