Indie hacking MMO Spycursion admits defeat on Kickstarter, but game development will continue


We’ve been tracking the Kickstarter for upcoming hacking MMO Spycursion for several weeks now, and it’s coming down to its last two days. And as we reported in our last couple of Make My MMOs, it’s not looking good for the game, as it’s been riding under $5000 pledged toward its $100K goal. The game was intended to support a “living world, a player-driven economy, and realistic hacking using [a] fictional programming language.” It sounded unique, so it’s been a shame that it didn’t catch on with backers.

So the bad news is that the developers are cognizant that the Kickstarter isn’t happening. But the good news is that they’re not giving up on the game and are instead switching to a Patreon setup that will allow fans to support development.

“Development on Spycursion will continue,” defun games writes in a blog post today. “It will be at a slower pace, no doubt. We almost certainly won’t be able to hit the Q4 2020 goal that [we] were aiming for with the Kickstarter campaign. On the upside, if we can get our sustainable funding situation worked out, then you’ll have happier, less stressed-out devs working on the game — which means greater productivity and fewer bugs!”

The devs also seem to think they understand where they went wrong with the Kickstarter.

“In diagnosing the non-success of our Kickstarter campaign, one of the conclusions we reached is that the pricing and value we offered didn’t line up. Our pricing was based on a fuller, more polished version of Spycursion that we had in our heads — rather than reflecting the presentation that we were able to showcase at this stage of development. People don’t see what’s in our heads, they only see what we can show them, and what we could show them didn’t justify the price points.”

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Apart from general kickstarter fatigue the theme is sounding quite niche and I am unsure how well it would work longterm. Maybe they should go into a lot more detail to attract people.

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The market has spoken. Listen to it.

IronSalamander8 .

Ouch! I’m so used to the Kickstarters I’ve backed like Rising Sun and Cthulhu Wars and the new Root expansion that fund in a couple of hours. I wasn’t really interested in this one but no desire to see it fail either.