Diablo III kicks off testing for patch 2.6.5 on April 5

To preserve the atmosphere, the Spanish title of the series is 'Tim Curry as the Lord of Darkness'

We are great at our jobs.

It’s time for a little testing in Diablo III starting on April 5th (that’s how you know it’s not a joke) when patch 2.6.5 arrives on the game’s test server. The goal is to mirror the success of the previous patch testing cycle, which helped identify major issues ahead of time and derived benefits from the added player feedback. It’s only going to be a week-long test cycle, however, so players are encouraged to get in and start testing early.

The patch itself adds new Torment levels and aims at making Ancient and Primal Puzzle Rings feel more rewarding, both of which are cited as long-requested quality of life improvements. There’s also the addition of “utterly ridiculous” destinations for Treasure Goblin portals and some bug fixes and other general improvements. But you’ll be able to see it all for yourself once you start testing on Friday.


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Here’s a thought.. how about you just make diablo 4 already!


That would be “udderly ridiculous”, guess treasure goblin portals will now open cow level. Being able to search your stash is a pretty awesome QoL feature.


Is that a “Legend” reference? Tim Curry as Darkness was the best thing ever.


I wish they would consider reintroducing trading.