Guild Wars 2 is planning a big overhaul of attribute-selectable gear


For a flat-progression MMO that wasn’t originally designed to be heavily focused on gear, Guild Wars 2 has certainly trended that way in recent years, to the point that it’s become confusing. ArenaNet is apparently aiming to fix that in its next balance update.

“With the next release, we’re looking to reduce the confusion about which attribute combinations are available on any given piece of gear,” the studio writes today. “Therefore, the majority of attribute-selectable equipment in the game will be updated to include all of the attribute combinations available to your account, based on the expansions you own. Legendary equipment will still have all attribute combinations available regardless of expansion ownership.”

This still seems like it’d be confusing to newer players, but veteran players on Reddit are loving it, particularly the fact that ArenaNet will be resetting a lot of attribute-selectable gear so that players can choose their pieces’ stats accordingly. (What isn’t included? Crafted backpacks, elite spec collection rewards, and raid and fractal stuff.) Additionally, the studio is tweaking some of the combos, removing useless combos and adjusting others to be more in line with what players actually want.

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With the next release, we’re looking to reduce the confusion about which attribute combinations are available on any given piece of gear

What isn’t included? Crafted backpacks, elite spec collection rewards, and raid and fractal stuff.

I see. No confusion at all.

Bruno Brito

By overhaul, you mean they’re just adding classification to sets as Assault, Defend, Healer? Because i’m trying to understand what they’re meaning by all that.

Dragon Whimsy

They just mean that gear rewards that let you choose the stats now allow you to choose any stat you want (within the limits of which expansions you own) instead of currently where many gear rewards only allowing you to choose a much smaller selection.

It’s not very rewarding or intuitive when a piece drops and then the only selections available are three stat combos you don’t even need while other drops have a much greater selection.

It also means you can get gear drops in PoF and select HoT stats or the other way around.

The new system is more intuitive, it allows you much greater choice of where to farm gear at in the game, and when you save gear boxes in your bank for future use you won’t have to then later slowly go through each box and see what stat combos are available one at a time (which was fairly annoying).

Bruno Brito

I see. Sounds good for convenience, but not enough to bring me back to the game.


This was really bad in Heart of Thorns when they gave you the pact backpacks but they didn’t have HoT stats.


I went back and tried GW2 recently, buying HoT and PoF and was reminded pretty quickly of the things I liked and the things I didn’t.

For example: super great that you can dump shit instantly into material storage, and craft from there. That’s nice if a little too convenient…it lets them off the hook for having a fairly ridiculous number of various mats. Crafting itself is sort of dumb in a needlessly complex way, with nobody ever saying “here’s how you make a hat”…no, you have to DISCOVER how you make a hat. Then you make every possible variety of that hat until you can make the next hat. Unless of course you don’t get enough xp from hats, so you discover the next version of glove, and then make a wide variety of gloves.

Needlessly complex describes so very much of the game.

While I sort of liked theoretically the concept of the ‘named’ sets, ie Berserker’s is consistently one set of stats (power with precision and ferocity) and Knights is another (toughness, with power and precision) in practice it’s just a pain in the ass unless you’re going to memorize the (40+?) adjectives.

Further, for all the offered complexity…I’d wager 9 out of 10 players just get Berserker’s and screw it, because lacking a Trinity, it’s just a damned dps race every time.

Dug From The Earth

going off the “9 out of 10 players just get zerkers” bit

How true this is.

Whats worse, the game is overly punishing to specific builds and play styles.

Say you wanna play a build that needs Viper gear.. Well, sucks to be you if you dont wanna spend tons of money and time crafting it… vs say someone who just wants to play a power build requiring Zerkers.

Most of the time there isnt anything more “powerful” about a set gear type, but Anets ridiculous system of “this armor is a lot harder to get than this other armor, for NO reason what so ever” was enough to make me say screw it, and just go with builds that required things like zerkers.

Thats just bad game design 101.

You shouldnt punish people for wanting to play a certain class build.


Completely agree. I’d amend my comment of ‘needless’ complexity to ‘pointless’ complexity. Why have a system with 18 bajillion alternatives and variables…when ultimately your gameplay is only going to reward ONE of them meaningfully? Or, more accurately, one of them (easily achieved) will accomplish 99.5% of optimal and anything else is much, much harder to accomplish for what would at best be a trivial improvement?

That’s rudderless design.

Castagere Shaikura

This game just keeps changing or sticking on more crap that it’s just not that fun to play anymore. I really miss how this game was at launch.