MMORTS Million Lords launches tomorrow – check out this exclusive trailer


Here’s an MMO new to me and to the site: Million Lords. It’s an MMORTS that rolls out of beta tomorrow and into final launch. According to Pocket Gamer, the studio behind it, Million Victories, is no slouch: The French company boasts devs from World of Warcraft and Assassin’s Creed and pulled in $1.4M in investor funds earlier this summer. The studio says its title has already racked up over 100,000 players this summer since the beta began, clocking in over half a million hours of play.

The hook here is that all players are in the same massive world “that scales to the size of the community up to millions” of participants, with an infinite progression system that skips past city-building and gets straight to massive-scale strategy. The game also features a set of cartoony anthropomorphic races (we spy lots of cats and a hippo too!). Here’s the PR pitch:

“Million Lords distinguishes itself from the pack with its grand scale and honest features centered around waging effective warfare instead of hoarding resources and base-building focus common in 4X games. Take your armies across the map to claim cities for your cause. Along the way, you will gain experience, loot, and your kingdom’s border will expand. Every foe in the game is another player with their own piece of Million Lords’ vast, shared world; fight now or be conquered! There will always be another campaign on the horizon as the world expands to accommodate the ever-growing community.”

We’ve got the launch trailer exclusively today; you can check that out while you wait for the formal launch on September 12th!

Source: Press release, iOS, Android
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