MMO Week in Review: Crimson Desert and Path of Exile 2

MMO Week in Review: Crimson Desert and Path of Exile 2

Korean powerhouse Pearl Abyss dropped a bombshell this week by announcing multiple new MMORPGs, including Crimson Desert, a full-scale AAA MMO due to hit beta next year.

Meanwhile, at ExileCon this weekend, Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile 2, which is sort of an enhanced Path of Exile, along with gobs of new content and a mobile version too. We’ve got even more reports from the con coming this week, so stay tuned!

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As much as I like Black Desert and happy to hear about Crimson Desert – Plan8 is much more important among Pearl Abyss projects (assuming it’s third-person shooter with MMO-ish elements). There are zero to none third-person view shooters and out of those presented some have obsolete visuals (Warframe, GTAO), others have mediocre characters and cosmetics (The Division 2). Plan8 will change the whole shooter scene / market if it’ll be actually good.