Torchlight III’s latest alpha update focuses on achievements, interface, and polish


The jury is still out on Torchlight IIIhow MMOsy it’ll be in the end, and whether people will like it in spite of (or even because) of that. But PWE and Echtra Games are full-speed ahead on patching up the game’s alpha as it zooms on toward its newly planned summer launch. And while the game is back behind an NDA, the developers are still posting patch notes live.

“A ‘mainline’ patch brings all of the past week’s development work into the Alpha test. Players will need to exit the game in order to download the new version,” the Echtra Games team writes. “As we start to get ahead of the “bug curve” the team has picked up various polish projects that you’ll see in the notes, and there’s more to come. We’ve heard consistent feedback about combat feel and several folks are turning their eye towards skill polish to make this better.”

Notably, this update adds a slew of icons and art for achievements, tweaks sharpstooter skills, adjusts borked bosses and mobs, and fixes a ton of environmental bugs, like “Terracotta Railmaster figure is missing hands.” He’s gonna need those! We spy a bunch of interface tweaks too, for everything from the fame bar and wardrobe swapping to inventory sounds and gamepad mapping. But this one’s my favorite bug report of all:

“Quest dialog body text is hard to read from the couch.”

Hey, they were just being honest!

Source: Steam

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Its actually really fun, been having a blast with it

Kevin Smith

The changes have made it a better game. Don’t need MMO in ARPG, just multiplayer.


In this case I kind of agree.

Castagere Shaikura

It’s more fun to play then Frontiers was.


If it’s as mmosy as POE it’ll be fine with me.