Path of Exile previews the improvements to its item filter interface


Look… sometimes, improvements to Path of Exile take the form of giving you new ways to make things explode with lightning if you so much as glare at something hard enough. Other times, they take the form of adding mathematical operators to item filters so that you can specify whether you want to see all items with exactly five sockets, with five or more sockets, or five or fewer sockets. This improved item filter interface is both obviously the latter and literally includes that feature, so you know if you’re the target audience or not. It’s being added ahead of the 3.10.0 expansion, at least, apparently as soon as possible so you can update your filters before March.

Other improvements to the filter including adding conditions like the number of corrupted mods or the area level where an item drops, more filters to specify sockets within a specific group, and the “continue” command to set up more elaborate chains of conditions for your item filters. It’s a lot of tools, we know, but if you’ve got a lot of items to search through, this will ensure you can find just what you need with minimal fuss. And for those of you who don’t much care, well… maybe the next preview will be about exploding lightning again.


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