Corepunk embraces being a ‘traditional MMORPG’, shows off alpha gameplay


Last December, Corepunk blasted onto the MMO scene – and into our top list of MMOs to watch this year – when Dutch studio Artificial Core revealed the game as an isometric Unity-based MMORPG with a broad range of mechanics, from multiplayer dungeons and crafting to mounts and camps – and yes, PvP. Now we’ve gotten another glimpse of the game’s development courtesy of IGN’s Summer of Gaming this week, as the devs sat for an interview and dropped a new gameplay video of the alpha too.

“Lately, there’s a lot of instance-based games and ascension-based games, and there’s not a lot of, like, classic MMOs – I mean, where you can meet 1000-and-some people in a persistent world. So yes, that’s a pretty traditional MMORPG.” AC’s Eugene Kiver tells IGN during the video interview. On the other hand, the game’s visuals and audio will be more reminiscent of Diablo III, and there’s a hefty focus on endgame, in contrast with the earliest games in our genre: 40% of the game is leveling, while 60% is endgame consisting of open world adventuring, random dungeons, raids, and PvP. Take a peek for yourself:

Source: IGN
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