Corepunk embraces being a ‘traditional MMORPG’, shows off alpha gameplay


Last December, Corepunk blasted onto the MMO scene – and into our top list of MMOs to watch this year – when Dutch studio Artificial Core revealed the game as an isometric Unity-based MMORPG with a broad range of mechanics, from multiplayer dungeons and crafting to mounts and camps – and yes, PvP. Now we’ve gotten another glimpse of the game’s development courtesy of IGN’s Summer of Gaming this week, as the devs sat for an interview and dropped a new gameplay video of the alpha too.

“Lately, there’s a lot of instance-based games and ascension-based games, and there’s not a lot of, like, classic MMOs – I mean, where you can meet 1000-and-some people in a persistent world. So yes, that’s a pretty traditional MMORPG.” AC’s Eugene Kiver tells IGN during the video interview. On the other hand, the game’s visuals and audio will be more reminiscent of Diablo III, and there’s a hefty focus on endgame, in contrast with the earliest games in our genre: 40% of the game is leveling, while 60% is endgame consisting of open world adventuring, random dungeons, raids, and PvP. Take a peek for yourself:

Source: IGN

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Rolan Storm

Okay… This is good. In fact very good.

Just do not end up like Wildstar.


i like the fog of war and line of sight break, there can be fight just around the corner and you wont see it till you come in line of sight.

Bruno Brito

I would like these games to stop locking me into their heroes, instead let me make my own.

Jesus, is that so hard?


From the FAQ on their website:

You can switch to and out of PvP mode by pressing the corresponding button

So there’s a good chance PVP is optional.
Sheesh, tough crowd


…oh, that looks more promising. o.O


I read the FAQ and thought the same but been hanging out on their offical discord a bit … turns out that toggle it to prevent you from accidentally attacking players … PvP is a one-side opts in thing, so you can be attacked even if you don’t want to PvP, and while there will be multiple servers they aren’t planning on having a PvE one … which is a shame I was way more interested in it when I thought I could avoid any of that gank nonsense, I don’t care about karma systems or whatever I jsut want no part of PvP.


Here is some more info from the forums .;id=317


“Raids will be 12-20man (NOW FULLY CONFIRMED ON DISCORD)” … eesh, I was kinda hoping they’d maybe make them just 2 parties worth and cap at 8 or so … 20 mans will be nothing but a ballache.

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Ryan Allgood

Hopefully this one keeps the MMO tag… <_<

I've actually always wanted either a Diablo-like MMO, or a since LoL came out, a LoL-like MMO. I'll be the odd one out and say I actually like isometric views. Maybe it's because I grew up on classic JRPGs and even Diablo, and I'm not really an explorer type, so I don't mind that specific view point.

On the game itself:

1. Love love love the aesthetic. It's giving me Wildstar vibes.

2. Liking the slower pace of combat. I've never liked the spammy WoW-style "every 0.75 seconds you have to mash a button" style. Also thinking it may get faster paced with level/gear/build, though.

3. If the characters themselves are customizable to at least some degree (especially hairstyles), then I'm totally fine with the "Specific Heroes" feel. Honestly, even if it's not exactly the same, it makes me think of Marvel Heroes. I loved hopping from character to character, then something really clicks and I main someone for a while.

4. Open World PvP is definitely a dislike for me, but it also depends on the context. Like if it's just always Free For All PvP, then no, I'd rather not. If you have to "flag" for PvP, that's great for me. If (in addition to flagging) there's PvP specific zones that have objectives? Yes, please. I love organized PvP. I hate Free For All "who has stealth?" gankfests.


This honestly looks like a cross between Wildstar and League of Legends, and I'm totally down for that.


I completely undersntad the people who are turned off by open world pvp but I like the idea actually. I hope there is the option to opt out (or different servers or shards like warmode on/off) for people who don’t wan’t to be bothered.

Dug From The Earth

Everything about this game seems and looks simply amazing…

… except open world PvP

Hopefully they will have optional pve only servers, or “opt in” pvp servers.

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Open world PvP. :|

/removes from list of games to keep an eye on/


The game being top-down with probably locked camera makes me not being able to “feel” it. If at least they gave you 360° freedom for the camera as it was in old games like Lineage 2 or Metin2, so you can at least look at the horizon and stuff.

The top-down camera really limits view and doesn’t fit the slow combat, it was good for games like Diablo 2 where everything happens really fast and you need to see what’s going on, in this game the combat is so slow that there is no excuse for the camera to be like this.