Check out this funky bass line for Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 5.3 boss music

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It need not be said that Final Fantasy XIV has both devoted fans and developers, but that is still the fact of the matter. Composer and YouTuber Alex Moukala is one such fan, and in dissecting the music of the game’s patch 5.3, he posted a short video demonstrating just how funky the boss track for the trial encounter was with a bit of speed and a great bass line provided by Moukala himself. That would be cool on its own… but Moukala’s work attracted the attention of composer Masayoshi Soken, who loved it and asked for the full track.

Moukala, of course, could not shrink from the challenge. He has just now released the full version of the track, which definitely slaps as hard as the original and is a tribute both to the original composition and his own skills as a composer and player. Check out the full thing just below, but don’t blame us if you wind up listening to the track on repeat for a good chunk of the day.

Source: Twitter, YouTube
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