World of Warcraft will still offer 100% drop rates for raid-dropped mounts in the Shadowlands pre-patch

But getting them might be harder anyhow

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One of the big things that World of Warcraft players have been advised to get done before the launch of the Shadowlands pre-patch is to hunt down the mount drops from Jaina Proudmoore and N’Zoth at Mythic difficulty. Currently, the mounts drop two at a time and have a 100% drop rate, while the expansion launch will see the drop rate lowered down to 1% with only one drop at a time. However, the good news is that players can still benefit from the increased drop rate through the Shadowlands pre-patch! It’s still a 100% drop for both.

That being said, the pre-patch may very well make the clears more difficult between the level squish, adjusted tuning, removal of Corruption, and so forth. So players who are eager to get these mounts and able to do the raids at the difficulty needed are advised to get that done this week before October 13th for the potentially easiest clear. Otherwise, you’re rolling the dice just a little bit on being able to clear.


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Dug From The Earth

I kinda hate this 100% drop rate.

Sure, being successful at a mythic raid boss is a pretty nice accomplishment, and should be rewarded. Normally mount drops in raids are about a 1% drop rate (sometimes less) unless they are on mythic. I think for mythic, it should maybe be 20%-30% drop rate. Not 100%.

Why you ask? Simple. A 100% drop rate ends up with the behavior of many guilds turning this in game activity into a pretty slimy gold making venture. Just sit around any capital city around this time and watch all the spam for guild selling runs of these mythic fights to people who couldnt normally get them. These runs go for pretty obscene amounts of gold, and are no longer really a challenge for those who are running them.

Ignoring the whole gold making aspect of it… what was once the visual sign of an accomplishment, is now being handed out to those who accomplished nothing. (and no, I cant do mythic raids, and dont have these mounts. Im not someone who feels like im not special anymore because some casual player got something I worked hard for).

Best comparison I can think of is someone selling off their Nobel Prize for a million dollars. (dont read into this please, obviously being successful at a mythic raid isnt even on the same level as getting a nobel prize… but selling either comes across to me as a slimy thing to do, in either situation)


I don’t really see how it’s slimy. Guilds do this to build up their guild banks up so they can afford to get folks ready for the next expansion’s first raid tier as soon as possible. It’s offering a service that normal players probably won’t be able to get otherwise.

Yeah, sure, there’s the Friendship X movements and all that which do the stuff for free, but that’s charity of their own choice. Other guilds would rather get funds built up for the next expansion and selling mount runs is an easy way to go about that.

Dug From The Earth

exactly how much gold do you think guilds need in wow these days… sheesh.

The guild I had a chat with used the money they earned from these runs to buy every active member a longboi.


And if people pay then obviously there’s a market for it. That’s just how it works. If folks want to pay a Mythic guild to get them through it instead of getting a guild to do it themselves, more power to them.

Dug From The Earth

There being a market for it doesnt make it any less slimy.

There are plenty of markets that exist because people are willing to pay, and many are quite scum of the earth.

People in WoW are willing to buy gold, levels, and status from chinese farmers and other ill repute sources. Should we support this and be ok with it?

Id rather the things you are supposed to earn in game, remain a reward for those who earn it. Otherwise, why not just be OK with Blizzard selling these mythic mounts for real money after the new expansion hits for everyone who couldnt earn it legit. Its really no different, yet people would riot if Blizzard did this.