Destiny 2 adds new seasonal challenges, discontinues Crimson Days event


There’s good news and bad news for Destiny 2 fans. The bad news is that the Season of the Hunt is almost over. The good news is that means a new season is gearing up to begin. We don’t know what it’s called yet, but Bungie says it’ll reveal that with the new trailer this coming Tuesday.

In the meantime, the game’s new seasonal challenges will just have to tide you over. “Over the last year, we’ve been looking at ways in which we can reduce the amount of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in Destiny 2,” the studio says. One of those ways is the new pursuit type called seasonal challenges, which vary in difficulty and requirements and rewards and are tied to the season in which they are introduced.

“Every week, for the first 10 weeks of a Season, between 3 and 10 new Challenges appear automatically for players. Some of the Challenges deal with the Seasonal content. Others push players to complete strikes, Gambit, and the Crucible, or to focus on non-activity focused Destiny rituals, like gaining Power, unlocking Seasonal Artifact mods, or improving guns and armor. These Challenges can only be completed once per account, but once they become available, these Challenges can be completed at any time before the end of the Season, and do not need to be started or picked up from a vendor. As an example, if a player doesn’t play for weeks 2 through 4, they can return on week 5 and have all of those Challenges waiting for them! Completing each Challenge awards XP, contributing to your Season Pass ranks. Other rewards could be Bright Dust, Seasonal currency, or other interesting items!”

There’s a bit more to the dev blog, including recoil reductions and buffs to specific weapons ahead of crossplay. Oh yeah, and don’t expect Crimson Days to return: Bungie says its quality wasn’t up to par and will be dropped.

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