BlizzConline 2021: Everything we learned from the Diablo Q&A


With the Diablo II remaster hot on everyone’s minds and still lots to talk about regarding Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal, there were lots of questions for BlizzConline’s Diablo Q&A. Here are some of the highlights.

  • Immortal’s technical alpha appears to be moving to endgame systems; testers have moved to late-game and have nothing to do right now. Current testing focus has mostly been about controls, with feedback stating that the mobile game controls like a Diablo game.
  • Incidentally, Immortal’s release sounds like it will be a long way off: Crusader and Necromancer classes, level cap, endgame, and PvP features all need to be added and tested, and based on Blizzard’s most recent investor call, we’re not expecting the game until at least next year or likely later.
  • While D2R will have cross-platform progression, there will not be any cross-platform play. There will also not be any couch co-op, but there will be local play available on the Nintendo Switch version.
  • D2R will have mod support.
  • The version of D2 that the remaster will follow is version 1.14, aka the current live version.
  • D4 will have some trading, but there are going to be some manner of limitations introduced, which are as-yet undecided. The devs have said they want the new game to feel more social.
  • On the subject of being social, D4 will feature couch co-op gameplay.

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Nathan Aldana

I mean. personally I still 20 years later dont see what was so fun about Diablo 2.

Chaos Engine

Can I borrow your crystal ball to make a few sports bets?


Did they show another cell phone port too? :P