BlizzConline 2021: Hearthstone’s Forged in the Barrens and Mercenaries


Surprisingly, the single game with the most individual announcements at tonight’s BlizzConline was Hearthstone. It’s all bundled under what Blizzard is calling the Year of the Gryphon – here’s what we’re looking at.

First up is the new Core Set, which basically replaces Basic and Classic with a “curated” set of cards new and old. That’ll come hand in hand with the Classic mode, which we’ve already covered but essentially is a reset mode for people who want to party like it’s 2014. The Core set is free, though you’ll have to play to unlock the cards.

Forged in the Barrens is the game’s first expansion of 2021, and of course you can already preorder it. Expect 135 new cards based on the Barrens, which the studio is calling iconic and beloved – amusing for WoW players, no doubt.

“Forged in the Barrens transports players to the sun-baked savanna of central Kalimdor, a proving ground where the mighty heroes of the Horde embark on their first adventures. They’ll recruit legendary mercenaries, face roving bands of quilboar raiders, and if they’re really lucky, maybe even find Mankrik’s wife! Lok’Tar Ogar!”

Finally, Hearthstone Mercenaries is a new content type that will allow players to assemble teams of mercs to take on random, tactical combat fights, both solo and in PvP mode. Expect that later in 2021.

BlizzConline 2021
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