Star Citizen outlines the month ahead, addresses radar, plus one fan’s development retrospective


The merry, merry month of May has a number of events and updates coming up for Star Citizen according to an outline posted on the game’s website. Naturally, patch 3.13 is out now as well as the referral program, while the rest of May will feature an AMA on the game’s forums, the much-ballyhooed Invictus Launch Week event, patch 3.13.1, and an update from game director Tony Zurovec on the Quantum background simulation’s development.

More recently this month, the devs answered a variety of player questions about updates to radar and scanning that were shared in this week’s Inside Star Citizen. There were a few bean drops in the broadcast such as confirmation that player characters will have some smaller scale scanning functions later; word that smaller ship scanners won’t be as robust as larger ones; confirmation that scanning can focus on things like mining or harvestables; confirmation that patch 3.14 will let multicrew players scan areas at a station and share findings with the crew; and the floated possibility of players being able to customize what information scanner HUDs display in the future.

Finally, Star Citizen fan by the name of Space Tomato has put together a retrospective video that recounts the game’s development to this point and offers some measured opinions on where the game is going and how the project is being managed. It’s an insightful as well as balanced look at the game, and we’ve got it embedded below.

sources: official site, YouTube (1, 2). Thanks, Ken!

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As someone who has no stock what so ever in these space sandbox games, how is star citizen looking vs elite dangerous? I saw that they just announced a new ground combat expansion coming soon.

Jim Bergevin Jr

SC doesn’t amount to anything more than a tech demo at this point. ED is a fully featured released game. I don’t put a lot of stock into graphics, gameplay is the most important element, so to me, ED is superior in that corner as well.

The sad part is, SC could have been meaningful had it not taken the better part of a decade just to get to the tech demo stage, with at least (most likely) another 6-7 years before we see it even come close to the levels that ED and Starbase are at now. It’s going to be a product that is always going to be chasing the competition.

To be honest, I actually see this going the route of CIG licensing off their various systems to other companies to build in their games instead of releasing a fully featured game themselves.

Joe Blobers

As early backer of both game, with lifetime free ED update when it was still available, I do recommend both games.

One is released as finished and do offer what ED as always did very well: exploring billions of PG systems.
I stopped playing it years ago despite several patch adding some contents that do not change ED Meta as it is becoming quite boring after a while. Billions of systems does not make billions of gameplay.
It is a must for those owning a 3D set (but it is now broken due to last Odyssey expansion. They should fix it later on).
This expansion is serviceable at best. Clearly Frontier don’t want to dedicate much resource for ED and it shows.

The other is released in Alpha, letting you follow and play the development journey from inside with quarterly patch. No other game do provide the feeling of SC. Simply none. That is why so much backers do join and keep joining.
However don’t join expecting to play a fully finished game, it is not.
Still 2021 is a great year with 3 new gameplay to be added and last core tech in implementation or testing phase.

Both games are not very expensive. Count roughly 40$ each. Despite all big bold titles here and there, no more than a starter package is required for SC :)

Edit: SC free event Invictus is coming starting 21st of May for a week. Available to everyone including none backer (a free account must first be created on RSI site).
Visiting expo with different manufacturers is a great experience. I do recommend not to log in the 2 first days as servers will get hammered :)

Jim Bergevin Jr

So this fan retrospective is like two minutes or so, considering that’s about the amount of progress has actually been made on the tech demo?

Patreon Donor

The Bengal carrier has been sighted on the PTU and I’ve seen video and it’s AMAZING.

The tour of the Idris will be great too. They showed on the progress tracker that the Banu Merchantman was close to a goal right before Invictus Week(Ship sale)and I’m sure that will drive a sales frenzy heretofore unseen.

Fast forward 3 months and CIG will be like, “We have to remove the BMM from the progress tracker.” They did that with the Vulture and the salvage game play loop a few years ago before a sale. Yeah, I’m still bitter they got me even though I knew better.