World of Warcraft’s lead system designer Morgan Day talks about Torghast, raid design, and class tuning

Oh snaps.

When is patch 9.1 arriving for World of Warcraft? According to a new interview with lead system designer Morgan Day, the answer is still “soon.” The recap of the interview covers a lot more ground than that, though, starting with the fact that there are no plans to allow leveling or add more non-cosmetic rewards to Torghast at this time, but the former is definitely a possibility for one of the expansion’s intermediary patches.

Day also clarifies that Blizzard’s major goal when it comes to class utility balancing is to not have everything be homogenized but have every class and spec bring its own thing. (The comments section had a field day with that one.) He also clarifies that there will be no additional weapon drops added to the Sanctum of Domination and that weapon tokens will not be added. You can check out the full recap for more details.

Meanwhile, players in WoW Classic will have to deal with a slightly early snapshot of honor calculation ahead of the pre-patch for The Burning Crusade, which means this particular week will end a day earlier on all realms.


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Jeremy Barnes

Umm, they didn’t seem to ask him if he was aware that many of their “goals” aren’t things…like the ‘replayability’ of torghast which they beat any fun out of it and have no compelling rewards that would make people keep doing isla..errr…torghast.

They think Interviews are a good form of communication too…gee..something where you have a lot of control and likely a degree of approval before it’s sent out… you think that’s great? Ya don’t say…


Yes yes, let’s blabber again about class numbers fiddling and knobs turning and rewards nonsense, god forbid if we start tackling serious topics like design decisions or gameplay philosophy or (dear lard!) combat models.


Bring the class, not the player!
Bring the player, not the class!
Bring whoever, doesn’t matter!
Bring the spec not the class not the player!



I think what they actually mean is ‘Bring your wads of cash!’