Elite Dangerous halts VR development, releases fourth Odyssey update, and wrestles with connection errors


It appears to be another round of bad news for fans of Elite: Dangerous’ Odyssey expansion. First off, Frontier Developments announced in the Supercruise News livestream from this past Tuesday that development work on VR for the expansion is being put on hold; VR will still be supported and current bugs will be addressed, but the flat screen view in Odyssey VR will remain for the foreseeable future.

That same livestream also announced that Odyssey would be seeing some additional content without elaborating just what that might be, agreed that the game’s lighting is making things too dark, and discussed fixes planned for the game’s fourth update. You can check the full livestream below for more, or a rundown by YouTuber ObsidianAnt if you’re looking for just the bullet points.

On the subject of that fourth update, that has since gone live, offering up another swath of improvements, including a massive list of updates to the game’s map UI and another round of optimizations among many other fixes. The update also introduced a lot of Orange Sidewinder connection errors primarily for Steam users as well, forcing FDev to restart the servers at 6:00 a.m. EDT, and while the devs had initially claimed victory, a host of players are continuing to report connection problems both on Twitter and the official forums at the time of this writing, though there is currently a workaround.

sources: YouTube (1, 2), official forums (1, 2), Twitter, cheers Stuart!
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